Autonomous drone missions - the complete package

We offer autonomous drone flights with up to 3kg payload and 200km range.

Extensive experience with approvals for BVLOS long range missions. Existing general permit for BVLOS-flights in Lower Saxony 

Remote operation from Beagle Systems HQ, location-independent

The result is, what matters. We conduct your missions. There is no knowledge required from a customer

Unmanned Aircraft

Beagle M

Mid-sized VTOL-aircraft for both transport and inspections of large facilities.

Range      : up to 200 km

Payload   : up to 3 kg

Wingspan: 260 cm

Beagle S

Small VTOL-aircraft for both transport and inspections of large facilities.

Range          : 50km

Payload       : 600g

Wingspan    : 180cm

Beagle One 

Beagle One is a vertical take off (VTOL) plane for autonomous missions. It is developed for permanent use, even in bad weather.

Range        : 100 km

Payload     : 5 kg

Wingspan. : 145 cm

Vmax.         : 375 km/h

Our Infrastructure

Beagle Hangar 

With our Beagle Hangar, Beagle S and Beagle M series aircraft can be stationed locally. It serves as a charging station and protection from adverse environmental conditions, ensuring that the drones are ready for use at all times. Due to the completely automated operation, it is also suitable for use in remote locations.


If you are interested in further information, specific use cases or a cooperation, please contact us through the form below.

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